Andy Ervik

Aphex Twin
"Come To Daddy"

9th June 2005
reviewer: Andy Ervik
rating: 5 out of 5
published by: Warp Records
released: 6th October 1997
  1. Come To Daddy (Pappy Mix)
  2. Flim
  3. Come To Daddy (Little Lord Fautleroy)
  4. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
  5. To Cure A Weakling Child (Contour Regard)
  6. Funny Little Man
  7. Come To Daddy (Mummy Mix)
  8. IZ-US

Aphex Twin has been and (for me at least) still is one of the most original, imaginative electronic music producers out there. His CDs never cease to amaze me. There is always a track or two that sounds way ahead of his colleagues' works. This CD is no exception.

The first thing you will hear once pressing play is AFX saying, “I want your soul”, over a distorted bassline. He then proceeds to drop some glitchy Drum and Bass on top of the bassline and the “singing” (the cd cover contains the lyrics so that you can sing along if you want to…). This track ultimately becomes boring and repetitive. It’s nothing like Aphex Twin’s previous or latter work, and it offers only shallow and very basic experience. It is easy to hear that this is a half-arsed attempt from Richard, only made as a party stomper, as a crowd pleaser (or crowd thrasher depending on what party/club it’s played at).

Proceeding on to the next track you’ll hear far more pleasing sounds. The kicks and snares are not nearly as hectic and there’s actually a melody there! This track is probably one of my favourite tracks from Richard David James and it’s worth buying this CD just for the sheer beauty of it!

Track three is a remix of the title track (although it sounds nothing like it). The beat is changed and the boring bassline is gone. Even the vocals aren’t the same! I like this track A LOT more then the first one! It’s much more amusing and well produced. The melody is more interesting and the track itself is much more varied (and you may also enjoy the rare pleasure of being called a dirty little boy!!!).

Next follows ‘Bucephalus Bouncing Ball’ which will be of little interest to many. It’s just too weird! I think most people will find it too noisy… After about 2 min or so Aphex starts pulling the track apart and playing with it. This sounds quite good to me, but it will probably give most people a headache.

The remix of ‘To Cure a Weakling Child’ (his obsession with children on this recording is disturbing to say the least) is actually better then the old track on the RDJ Album! It’s still as catchy (with an added chorus) and AFX twists some more knobs on this version.

Next comes ‘Little Funny Man’; which must be the most disturbing of the tracks. Just listen to what is said at the end of the track. The track itself has a nice enough tune (or two, or three actually), but it features the same beat as the Weakling Child mix (and Windowlicker methinks..).

But it gets a bit boring after a while to be honest, as there’s not really any diversity apart from changing from one tune to another.

The Mummy mix of ‘Come To Daddy’ is odd. I don’t know what to say about it. I like it. It’s funky and well produced drill 'n' bass. But in the middle where someone asks for a snarerush and Richard lets it all rip…? That must be meant as a pisstake!

But there’s something that makes me kinda double minded about it. Can’t put my finger on it. It just sounds a bit half arsed.

The last track is as good as the second. Brilliant ending track, an easy beat and with some hats, and a theme that makes this perfect as the ending tune. This track and the second don’t seem to be fitting quite in this CD, alongside with Aphex Twin’s (hopefully) jokes about hinting at child abuse and “eating souls”.

A summary of my thoughts after I’ve listened to this is that the old Twin wants to capture more fans with beats and tunes that are easier to listen to then his previous works. People that have never heard of the man before might just listen to this and find it good. And then listen to his earlier stuff, and perhaps end up liking that as well. Just a thought…

This record is nice in order to get into his stuff, and I thoroughly recommend it as a way into the Aphex' sound!

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