Biffy Clyro
"The Vertigo of Bliss"

19th October 2005
reviewer: Janey
rating: 5 out of 5
published by:
  1. Bodies In Flight
  2. The Ideal High
  3. With Aplomb
  4. A Day Of...
  5. Liberate The Illiterate / A Mong Among Mingers
  6. Diary Of Always
  7. Questions and Answers
  8. Eradicate The Doubt
  9. When The Fraction's Fractioned
  10. Toys Toys Toys Choke Toys Toys Toys
  11. All The Way Down
  12. A Man Of His Appalling Posture
  13. Now The Action Is On Fire
  14. Ewen's True Mental You

If you're a regular to the face-rocking on the 'limb then you will all know how much I stalk/am obsessed with all things Biffy shaped and are probably surprised I haven't yet written an article/review of their magnificent music. Well, it's been long due and about time I write something that will hopefully encourage others to see what the fuss is about - the fuss that always seems to be made by me! Expect this to be very biased, but hey, what reviews aren't? It's all about opinions baby.

The first track ‘Bodies in Flight’ is a fantastic opener; those of you who prefer the calmer side of music might be tempted to turn it off as the screaming vocals of Simon Neil and James Johnston escapes from the speakers but stick with it – I personally love the beginning of this song and it only gets better, building itself up towards a musical explosion where, if it’s job has been done properly, there will be bodies in flight across the dance floor (or your bedroom).

Another favourite is ‘All the Way Down: Prologue/ Chapter 1’. Neil’s vocals are brilliant on this track, in particular during ‘Chapter 1’, even when he’s straining to hit the higher notes. ‘Chapter 1’ never fails to make me smile, or when I’m emotionally fragile I’ve been known to get quite choked up and teary. Yup, I’m a wuss, but that’s what a magnificent song can do to me. However, I’m not the only one when it comes to this song – when they performed it at Reading this year I saw many fellow Biffians also become very emotional.

While at first some of the songs seem a little strange, it’s a very accessible album that caters for anyone in need of a good sing along poppy song (Questions and Answers), a little cry (All the Way Down’), an all out thrashing and flailing of the body whilst screaming your lungs out (‘Now the Action is on Fire!’), or simply a laugh at the titles of the songs (‘Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys’; ‘Liberate the Illiterate/A Mong Among Mingers’). Following on from their debut 'Blackened Sky', 'VoB' continues to showcase Biffy's brilliant talent in crafting beautiful melodies alongside good, old scream-along songs. From the first couple of listens the songs seem a little disjointed yet wonderfully so; they don’t follow the usual conventions and patterns of songs. With its irregular stops and starts and delightfully sung sections fragmented unexpectedly with loud, shouty parts, Biffy’s songs exceed standard expectations and excites the listener into wondering what will come next. The songs have their little quirks that set Biffy Clyro apart from the rest of the screamo/emo and pop/rock bands and secure them loyal fans, in me at least anyway.