Andy Ervik

Sěgur Rós
"( )"

11th June 2005
reviewer: Andy Ervik
rating: 5 out of 5
published by: Fat Cat
released: 2nd December 2002
  1. Vaka
  2. Fyrsta
  3. Samskeyti
  4. Njósnavélin (aka The Nothing Song)
  5. Alafoss
  6. E-bow
  7. Daudalagid (aka The Death Song)
  8. Popplagid (aka The Pop Song)

First of all I want to say that Sigur Rós makes my knees shiver. They make me giggle like a schoolgirl (if you didn’t get those things after reading the first review I thought I’d point it out for you). No words can be used to describe their music. I can’t think of a single word that I find good enough to be said in the same sentence as Sigur Rós, which is probably the idea behind the artwork for this CD. It contains nothing but two words. The sole words the whole CD contains are ‘Sigur’ and ‘Rós’. That’s it, plus the rest of it is ghostly, see-through pictures.

Before I start praising this I just need to say one thing about the lyrics. The oh-so-pretentious language “Hopelandish” is boring. It sounds like Jonsi says the same thing in EVERY song, I kid thee not! This isn’t a big problem though; it’s just that towards the end of the album you start wishing he’d perhaps written a few more lyrics.

The rest of the stuff is nearly as good as the previous album; though there is nothing on it that makes me ecstatic every time I hear a new song . Sadly. But it’s not a bad follow up. There’s some really good music on this album too. Track 3 being just utterly beautiful and the last track show a fiercer and harder approach from the band. The rest of the tracks are like most of the tracks on Agćtis Byrjun.

But enough negativity; the band still manages to deliver god-like music, and Jonsi’s voice is still beyond human. ( ) manages most importantly though, just like the previous album to lull you into a dream world unlike anything you’ve ever listened to. There is also an incredible feeling of joy that can be gained from this music. Whenever you’re feeling knackered you should try listening to Sigur Ros. I promise you that it will just make all you’re problems and tiredness vanish into insignificance.