John Lappin


1st April 2004
reviewer: John Lappin
rating: 3 out of 5
published by: BMG
released: 13th October 2003
  1. In The Walls
  2. Jenny
  3. A Million Reasons
  4. My Coco
  5. No Weather
  6. Moongirl
  7. Somewhere Across Forever
  8. Homeland
  9. Untitled
  10. Pulp Song

Riding the crest of an 80ís wave is one way to describe Stellastar, but it gives the impression of another boring rip-off band. Which, essentially, they are, but their choices for inspiration are wise indeed. If the lead singer isnít a Talking Heads fan Iíll eat my hat. And itís a nice hat!

I bought this album on the strength of the single ďMy CocoĒ which is perfect in every way. A slow start, a pause and then BANG. It kicks off, sounding like early Simple Minds (think ďDonít You Forget About MeĒ kinda vibe) but with David Byrne doing the vocals. They even have a female bassist; I would bet this band are obsessed with the Heads.

All these comparisons are somewhat unfair as Stellastar do retain some individuality. The opener, ďIn The WallsĒ is a great tune in itís own right, but even after repeated listens Iím still finding the single to be my favourite song. Maybe itís because itís so good, or maybe itís because the rest of the album is a little weak in comparison.

Overall, thereís some very good stuff here, but it seems like ďMy CocoĒ could have been a bit of a fluke and it will be interesting to see if they can repeat this in the future.

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