Richard Sawyer


24th March 2004
reviewer: Richard Sawyer
rating: 5 out of 5
published by: Geffen
released: 23rd September 1996
  1. Tired Of Sex
  2. Getchoo
  3. No Other One
  4. Why Bother?
  5. Across The Sea
  6. The Good Life
  7. El Scorcho
  8. Pink Triangle
  9. Falling For You
  10. Butterfly

Rivers Cuomo is a very unique individual. Essentially a guy with geeky glasses, a pinch introverted behaviour and fragile genius, he was propelled to stardom in 1994 as the lead singer and guitarist with pop-rock newcomers Weezer. Following up their self-titled and critically acclaimed debut album was always going to be a difficult task. Tiring of the debut albumís oh-so-hip Spike Jonze-directed videos, Rivers decided to take the band in a different direction. Placing his heart firmly on his sleeve, this album is horrendously personal. Too personal for some it would seem; at the time of release the critics were disappointed at best.

For my money though, those reviewers have missed all that is great about this album. The songs are filled with Riversí angst and emotion; tentatively walking a fine line between genius and madness. Falling in love with a lesbian can be a difficult time for any young man, and it seems at points these stresses have taken their toll on young Riversí fragile mind. The songs reflect this, and as a collection are inspired and riddled with his eccentric self-reflection. This is a very important album for Weezer, and for the geeks of the world like me. After the media lambasting, Rivers himself turned his back on this album, calling it a mistake, all but lyrically. This is a shame, and shouldnít put you off what is a raw and evocative album.

Summing up this album is a difficult task, befitting of the album itself. Itís one which grows and endears itself to the listener after every play, leaving it firmly in my personal list of favourite albums. If nothing else I urge you to pick this up and give it ago, youíll learn something about the awkward individual Rivers in the process, and you might just like it.

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