Johnny Willatt

"The Geometrid"

10th June 2005
Album Cover reviewer: Johnny Willatt
rating: 5 out of 5
published by: Jeepster
released: 8th May 2000
  1. Mondo 77
  2. On The Flipside
  3. Modem Song
  4. Uncle Ray
  5. Puddle Monkey
  6. All of These Things
  7. Bugrain
  8. My Robot
  9. Tomorrow's World
  10. Money Hair

'The Geometrid' is a compilation of 10 true life stories backed with music from the techno-crazed freaks that are Looper (Stuart, Karn, Ronnie and Scott). The catchy song 'Mondo ‘77' from the Vanilla Sky OST starts the album rolling, and samples the vocal talent of the overexcited Frances MacDonald. It sets the mood of the album, as you enter the Geometrid. The story behind 'On the Flipside' is, when the guys came together on their American tour in 1999 and started messing around producing, the outcome was one of the best tracks of all of their albums. 'Modem Song' was a commissioned song by an Internet company wanting a song featuring the dial tone of the Internet, a bizarre concept but all in all creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Karn’s fictional band PuddleMonkey has a tribute on the album, with a short (less than 30 sec.) song entitled 'PuddleMonkey'. Short but sweet. Other songs go on to tell individual experiences of the band members, like a road trip of James’, and Ronnie’s improvised tune on the guitar when Scott’s sampler ran down on batteries during an LA Show.

Futuristic, techno sounds and a twist of rock in a few tracks round the disc off. The 10-track 2000 release of 'The Geometrid' explores the possibilities of Internet life, artificial intelligence and space. Highlights in my view are the single 'Mondo ‘77', 'On the Flipside' and possible future singles 'These Things' and 'Tomorrow’s World'.

The under-rated Looper have vanished over the intervening years, but this album still remains strong and features some of their best talents. Mixtures of genres come together to create the unique and unforgettable sound, which is Looper.