Coded Arms

18th October 2005
Coded Arms Cover
reviewer: Rich
rating: 2 out of 5
developed by: Konami
published by: Konami
released: 1st September 2005
rrp: £34.99
formats: PSP

Hailing from Konami Japan, this futuristic first person shooting is setting the bar for the genre on PSP. So itís unfortunate that the bar it has set is somewhere down in limbo district. Yes, I know, Iíve given it away nice and early, and Iím being harsh, but now I shall explain why.

Some of you may remember a second generation PSOne game called Lifeforce Tenka. It was unique in that it was the first polygon based first person shooter for the console. It impressed me at the time with its sci-fi skills and one dimensional gameplay. Coded Arms is similar in style, design, singularity and quality. However in 2005 with so much exposure to quality fps games across all platforms it just doesnít have the playability to hold the playerís attention.

Itís a crying shame that Konami couldnít take itís solid and at points rather impressive game engine and match it with anything more than key hunting and paint-by-numbers gunplay. Itís promising to see the type of engine which can be developed so early in the PSPís lifecycle Ė itís an engine that could easily house something like Half Life, Quake or Unreal tournament. Coded Arms is probably worth a rental or a 10 day exchangeÖ or maybe Konami could just save us all the trouble and release it as a tech-demo? Either way this title is fun for five minutes and little more.

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