Battlefield 2

31st August 2005
Game Cover
reviewer: Rich
rating: 5 out of 5
developed by: Digital Illusions
published by: EA
released: 24th June 2005
rrp: £24.99
formats: PC

This is the review that almost never was; even now Iím not sure if Iíll finish this. Every time I think about writing this review I need to start playing the game. I think about unloading a round into the back of some hapless n00bís face whilst he frantically attempts to discover my location; about being so lame at flying any craft that I can rarely even manage a suicide attack; and about being top of the scoreboard for just a round, thus being crowned king for the day. I think about all these things and cry because I have nothing better to do than fuck youÖ hang on, Iím not actually a Shannon Doherty in Mallrats; no, I think about all these things and play till my eyes are red or my girlfriend gets cranky about me being up all night.

Itís the true sequel to Battlefield 1942, a pioneering online FPS; now itís returned set circa 65 years later, in pixel shaded glory in an attempt to dominate the online gamespace once moreÖ and to be honest, despite patching issues early in itís life time Ė itís done it! Battlefield 2 does everything youíd expect and more. 64-player near-modern day combat with bells and whistles is the soup du jour; thatís soup of the day for those few non-French speakers amongst us. This soup, ladies and gents, is going down a treat Ė the community is thriving and I canít get enough of it.

Teamwork plays a really important role this time around Ė with squad leaders acting as mobile spawn points for squad members, as well as the squadís only link to the new commander position; the director of combat is you. The system works very well and leads to squads sticking together through several rounds in a row and adapting to each otherís strengths and weaknesses. Players depend on each other, and lone wolf players rarely flourish. The differing player classes create a complex scissors/paper/stone game with delicate dependencies: Assault is a great all-rounder, but fairly useless against a tank, so add an Anti-tank into the mix; great! Unless, that is, you plan to fire more than a handful of rockets in your lifetime; in which case get yourself a Support guy to furnish you with ammoÖ until of course a sniper takes you out before you spot him. At this point my friends a Medic would be rather fabulousÖ and, well you get the idea.

A true mark of the gameís brilliance is that I only ever stop playing because I have to; itís never voluntary. I wonít waffle on about map design and spawn points etc. Suffice it to say DICE know their stuff and have got things pretty much spot on and well balanced. What I will waffle on about is how much improved the actual game engine is; at its core Battlefield 2 is a very well constructed and solid FPS Ė it plays a lot better than 1942 ever did. Coupled with a superb physics and graphics engine, itís a hard proposition for any reasonably well-equipped PC gamer to refuse.

So this leaves the question; if you have a PC capable of playing it, why donít you? Whatever the answer to that question is, you are actually wrong; buy it, play it, play me at it (Xfire: Wakinglimb) let me at it, die in a comedy knife/defribulator attack incident, and ďLOLĒ about it on the forums. Thus it all comes full circle and you are on Wakinglimb praising the game with me, with your eye twitching a bit as you can't stop thinking about carving through n00bs like a hot soldier through a gay bar. Buy this game now and carve; carve till you need to eat really badly; carve till you need to pee really badly and carve till your girlfriend gets cranky, you hot soldier you.

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