Wipeout Pure

1st July 2005
reviewer: Rich
rating: 5 out of 5
developed by: Sony Liverpool
published by: Sony
released: 1st September 2005
rrp: £29.99
formats: PSP

The original Wipeout helped start a home console revolution with the original PlayStation; somewhat fitting is the series return to form on Sony’s shiny new PSP handheld games console.

So yes, I’ve given it away – this game is good; but just how good? In short – very, in long – very very. It feels very much like a classic ‘best of’ edition; it incorporates everything that made the original three games so appealing to all types of gamer and removes what alienated pretty much everyone who played Fusion.

The classic feel of the game is back – the unforgiving, yet smooth handling is very at home with the PSP’s mini-analogue stick. The controls are very tight, as are the gameplay and graphics. Take a look at the screenshots on this page; very impressive for a first generation game on a supposedly difficult to program handheld.

Classic Wipeout tracks appear alongside new additions

The UMD is crammed with not only superb high res imagery, but some typical Wipeout music – to get the most out of this I really would recommend playing the game with some decent headphones.

The game can be played wirelessly (ad-hoc, not infrastructure) meaning you will connect to another PSP, not via an access point and thus online. The lack of online play is obviously disappointed, but can be worked around as with many PSP games with the use of tunnelling software – Xbox Connect anyone?

The only negative I can throw at the game is that due to precision needed to control the svelte craft, playing on the bus/tube can be a bit frustrating, especially on the more difficult settings. That said, few home console games can match the out and out quality of experience provided by Wipeout Pure so playing at home on your sofa is hardly a crime.

As far as handheld gaming is concern; I’ve not found a more complete and compelling gaming experience… ever.

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