Richard Sawyer


21st November 2004
Transformers Cover
reviewer: Richard Sawyer
rating: 5 out of 5
developed by: Melbourne House
published by: Atari
released: 7th May 2004
rrp: £24.99
formats: PS2

Transformers is a franchise with a special place in a lot of twenty-something male hearts, myself included. The idea of a Transformers game on a current generation console is one which appeals massively. Especially when you discover that the studio behind it is the immensely talented Melbourne House, responsible for such sleeper hits as Looney Toons Space Race and the Dreamcast classic; Le Mans. Now here is the bad news, itís based upon the latest generation of Transformers cartoons and toys; the Armarda series. All is not lost though, as the development team have retained much of the sense of style and feeling from the 1st generation of Transformers.

Transformers Screenshot
Transformers Screenshot

The game itself is a 3rd person action/shooter in much the same vain as games like Gun Metal (on PC and Xbox) which itself takes more than a small nod towards the 80ís phenomenon that were these fantastic robots in disguise. Take charge of characters like Optimus Prime to defeat the evil Decepticon enemy. Itís still the classic good vs evil and it still works very well indeed.

Transformers Screenshot
Transformers Screenshot

The whole game is slick, right from the intense action filled opening FMV sequences, down to the perfectly delivered voice acting, ďTransform and roll out!Ē anyone?

Transformers Screenshot
Transformers Screenshot

The in-game graphics are very good for a PlayStation 2 title. The environments are large and varied with a substantial view distance, while the Transformers themselves are massive, shiny, hulks of glorious metal. The controls are clunky feeling, however I have the feeling this is a very purposeful action by Melbourne house, as the feeling of manoeuvring a huge robot is conveyed perfectly through this.

There is plenty to do in the game, as well as plenty to unlock. Saving the various mini-cons in the game opens up a myriad of possibilities. Either powerful weapons or armour for you to use, or the somewhat more appealing data archives which contain FMV, original instructions on how to Transform the toys, or some amazing original art work. The whole package is tailored towards fans of the series and they really wonít be disappointed.

Overall the game plays very well and is extremely well produced. Iíve mentioned the benefits this game provides to fans of the series, but it also provides an excellent challenge and plenty of fun for non-fans too. In the run up to Christmas the price of the game has been reduced quite heavily and you can pick it up for is low as around £15 if you hunt hard enough, and it this price, itís a bargain not to be missed.

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