Chris Bond

Wedding Crashers

1st August 2005
Official Movie Poster reviewer: Chris Bond
directed by: David Dobkin
written by: Steve Faber, Bob Fisher
starring: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken
genre: Comedy, Romance
released: 15th July 2005

This years Dodgeball I was told! I hope this was meant to be a joke on behalf of those in the ‘know’, because quite clearly it isn’t. Whilst Dodgeball was an out-and-out, laugh a minute comedy with the plot only being there because it had to, Wedding Crashers is a romantic-comedy. This is something you will need to know going to see this movie, because otherwise you will be severely disappointed when you are not constantly laughing.

Wedding Crashers has a genuinely clever premise, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan spend the wedding season, well, crashing weddings in the attempt to pick up women. It is whilst crashing one wedding they break the “Wedding Crashers code” and fall for the daughters (Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams) of a well respected senator (Christopher Walken).

However, this premise never really lives up to expectations. During the opening scenes we are given a whirlwind tour of Vaughan and Wilson crashing a series of weddings which fails to provide any genuinely memorable moments. Indeed, whilst Vaughan and Wilson are a great combination, displaying a free and witty banter, most of the cast just seem to make up the numbers, especially Walken.

Luckily the film does pick up midway through, and there are some genuinely memorable moments. This is in part due to a lively Isla Fisher who manages to steal nearly every scene she is in. A cameo from Will Ferrell near gives the film enough steam to see it through the closing act.

With better writing and a fleshed out supporting cast, Wedding Crashers could have been much more. As it is, Wedding Crashers is never less than likeable, will put a smile on your face, and occasionally leave you laughing to tears.