Old Man Of The 'Limb

13th June 2005

As the self styled old man of Wakinglimb I thought Iíd share some of my gaming experiences with you all. Now having been a fan of gaming since the early days (my first Ďgamesí machine a ZX81 with the 16k RAM pack which made me the envy of the school). Iíve been reading for years about the advent of online gaming. Now with the advent of freely available broadband it seemed like a good time too dip a metaphorical toe in the water of console-based online gaming. Iíve only been waiting for about 20 years.

So after purchasing one wireless router, one PS2 network adaptor card, one Xbox Live starter kit and one Ethernet lead I was all set. A quick look at my gaming collection revealed that I had about four or five Xbox Live games and Ö erm Ö no PS2 online games. Having spent the available cash on the aforementioned equipment it seemed fairly obvious that the experiment should begin with Xbox Live.

After a quick look at the instruction manual (well itís a last resort to read it fully isnít it?) and the very helpful Xbox website Iíd plugged the whole lot in (Iím skipping past the IT friend who set the router up for meÖsome things are beyond me at my age). I tapped my credit card details into the Xbox and I was up and away reasonably quickly.

Driving games have long been my favourite genre and racing against several opponents from around the world has long been the online dream for me. Project Gotham Racing 2 seems to be the obvious choice for losing my online virginity. It turns out itís pretty much spoiled me for playing much else online. Anyone wanting to know what an online community should be like and how an online game should work should look at PGR2 and Xbox Live.

Iíve now had many happy hours of online fun with Xbox Live. People that you enjoy playing with can be added to your friends list and found easily in any other online game. Nearly everyone has a headset which adds immeasurably to the fun. Imagine perfectly out-braking an AI-driven car into a hairpin and stealing first place. Now imagine being able to rub someoneís nose in it as you do it. In fact so far the only problems that Iíve encountered are that my old man gaming skills arenít quite as sharp as I thought they were. And I still donít own any PS2 Netplay compatible games.