Limb version 3.0

13th June 2005

Welcome to the latest rendition of the best site anyone has ever imagineered. Some of you will remember the monochrome days of yore and the transition to the blue-bean period. Learning from our mistakes, from a plethora of books and from our new fangled work experience, the ‘Limb is back and ready to rock your face off.

Praise and naked dancing women should fall upon the feet of one Geoff Wilkinson; his hard work and ability to not get sidetracked has to be credited for a huge portion of the work that has gone into making what you see before you today. Will “One-Wipe” Wallace has to be praised by all too, not only for ridding us of the beans, but also for giving us a choice of styles to suit our every mood/sexuality.

Join me in welcoming our new staff writers; Bob, Chris and Nish. Tim will be joining them in the coming months, which reminds me, Wakinglimb is now a magazine, or an Inter-zine if you will. It’ll be updated with a new issue every month, on the 1st of the month, without fail; how swell is that? Additionally the site is now 100% French. I think we should all remember that when considering our facial stances.

As usual, the forum – - is there for all your life requirements. Please let us know any comments you might have about the new site, although the must be positive, or we’ll cry. Especially Willis, so don’t be mean.

Anyway, I genuinely hope you enjoy the new site and appreciate the new content. Over the next couple of months we’ll be looking to add a couple more writers, so shout me on the forum if you’re interested. Additionally if anyone feels their face could be rocked off more, just wait, Issue Two is our face rocking special.