Smarch Update

18th October 2005

So this month has been a bit lame, and by this month I mean the last 6 weeks. Yes, the update is late this month, for this dear reader(s) I apologise, the reasons are both small and many, and youíll work them out once youíve said this literary masterpiece.

Firstly I would like to thank everyoneís L337 friends for exposing a security issue with our previous forum software and hacking it. I had to abandon my girlfriend and drive home 200 miles to sort it out Ė THANKS. So weíve changed to the rather nice phpBB, I say nice, I do of course mean free and reasonably secure. On the plus side, I hear the guy who hacked us has penile problems, so I guess he has his reasons for such antisocial behaviour.

Iíve got over that now though, and concentrated on being excessively busy all of the time; you guys should try it, itís fairly ace. To account for this, Iíve added Smarch to the Wakinglimb calendar in true Simpsonís style. Yes, I know youíre thinking that having a 13th month and dragging September out to 6 weeks doesnít really make sense, surely if Iím dragging out September itíd make more sense if there were 11 monthsÖ This is true, but if we play by these rules weíll never have time of the Scotchtober issue and all of our Scottish readers will be sad and lameÖ more so.

Anyway, you get the point, itís been a busy Smarch season, Iíve been working rather hard and Iíve had a baby. Yes, thatís right I gave birth last week to a beautiful baby boyÖ and by I, I mean Wakinglimb, but since the change of software Iím now Slippermonkey, so to avoid further confusion Tigershark and his wife had a baby! Thomas or Topcat as heís known can be seen below looking awesome and small. Congratulations to him and his months of sleepless nights.

In other news this month, Will came out, and by came out I mean of course, moved out of home and into a flat of his own. I just bottled fake outing Will on the internet for the 63rd time, Iím slightly disappointed in myself.

Onto the crux of this article: THE CRUX.

Iím glad I managed to get that out of the way. In addition to working hard and not managing to update the site on time, Iíve also managed to play to make time (reassign time I should have been spent doing this) to playing a vast amount of Winning Eleven 9: UE on PSP, review to follow next update. Iím not going to comment on it too much, suffice to say itís like playing Pro Evo on the moveÖ you have been warned people, get whatever you want to do for the rest of the year out of the way now.

Thatís my ramble for the month; all that is left to be said is VOTE ALBA SHE DOESNíT POUT.

Thanks x x