Switching Jobs

2nd July 2005

It was my last day of work on the 30th June as I have managed to get myself a new job starting on the 11th of July. I'm sad to be leaving my old job because it was good to me and the work was interesting. Also, since it was a small company I had the benefit of being with it at the beginning and so I never had the sense of being a faceless employee, which can come with working for a larger business. There were some very friendly people there and hope I am able to keep in touch.

Of course as with most jobs there were negative points too. The money wasn't great although it was reasonable for a first year graduate; there weren't opportunities for promotion; and there was a lot of travelling involved because a great deal of the work was on site technical support.

I was able to leave the office and visit various schools and businesses performing a variety of tasks, everything from running network cables and installing software to helping create and update websites. Being out of the office was nice but paying for the petrol wasnít.

My new job offers generous pay for a graduate; it is a larger company and seems to be getting larger all the time. The work, from what I can tell, will be entirely office based so the travel expenses will be more reasonable and with the bigger pay packet more affordable. It also sounds similar in that it changes from task to task and so it shouldn't be too monotonous. There also is a company benefits package, which will be a bonus because itís something my last employer simply couldnít fund.

I also get to work with a good friend of mine, which, hopefully, won't be too strange since we spent a lot of time working together on various university projects. I'm sure I will get on well with a lot of my new colleagues though; I like to think I can get on well with a lot of people.

So basically I am a little sad to be leaving my old job but it really was the right time for me to leave. However, I am a bit nervous about starting a new job and getting to meet new people. Still, it should be exciting and it will give me enough money to actually buy a place to live. Sometimes growing up seems like one big challenge after another.