1st July 2005

Okay, feel free to call me a fanboy, but the Nintendo DS really sucks when compared to the Sony PSP. I have no idea what Nintendo were thinking. Prediction: the DS will die a horrible death with the next 18 months in the UK.

The reasons for my rather “strong” opinion are simple: the stylus is wanky and adds no real benefit to the games and the graphical capabilities of the DS are appallingly bad compared to those of the PSP. Case in point: Ridge Racer DS and Ridge Racers. The former is an average rehash of an average N64 game with stylus support (which doesn't work well) and a second screen that shows you the all-important view of your steering wheel. Whereas Ridge Racers is the “best of” compendium of a game, wrapped in the best graphics; all of the music; all of the tracks; all of the cars; and all of the sheen of a game designed to take advantage of the new console’s capabilities.

This is of course but one game that I have chosen here, but this point is more about the attitude of the developers and Nintendo’s willingness to allow them to simply rehash old content for their consoles. If Nintendo wanted to cut out the middleman they might as well open up Shoehorn Studios and get them cram every ill-fitting game onto their “innovative hardware”.

By the way Nintendo – PDA’s are shit at playing games. Styluses don’t help unless you design games around it. Admittedly, some developers are clearly aware of this (Sega’s Feel the Magic is one of few games to showcase what the hardware can do) but then please see my review of Wipeout Pure. When then PSP can pull this kind of gem out of it’s shiny metal butt, you can’t help but feel I may have a point…